Fan made ‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’ interactive LCARS

I found these cool interactive LCARS. Check it out with the link below.

You’ll find fun and games located within, too, like RITOS Bingo and others. Read the website and check out the RITOS LCARS. Enjoy!


Credit to this find goes to:

Geek to Geek — www.GeektoGeek.net.

‘RITOS is the brainchild of an intrepid fan who wanted to recreate the LCARS system as seen in the animated comedy “Star Trek” series “Lower Decks.” And boy, did they deliver! This faithful recreation allows users to click around various displays that show crew quarters, ship maps, images from the James Webb Space Telescope, and even a sickbay screen. There are also plenty of hidden Easter eggs for dedicated “Trek” fans to uncover.

But what really sets RITOS apart is the customization options it offers. Visitors to the website can change the color scheme, rename the ship, and even change the starship class. There are even presets for other ships from Lower Decks, including the USS Merced, USS Oakland and USS Inglewood. This means that you can create a unique LCARS interface that suits your personal style and tastes.

And if that’s not enough to satisfy your Trekkie cravings, an even more intrepid fan has gone one step further and connected RITOS to a Raspberry Pi system, allowing them to control their entire home as if it were a 24th century Federation starship. Imagine walking into a room and saying “Computer, dim the lights” or “Computer, play my favorite playlist.” It’s the stuff of sci-fi dreams!

Of course, it’s important to note that RITOS is just a recreation and has no actual functionality you can incorporate onto your computer. But for those who want to explore the LCARS system and immerse themselves in the “Star Trek” universe, it’s a fun and mindless way to spend some time. So what are you waiting for? Engage and explore the final frontier with Project RITOS!

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