Command Staff

Dave Mason

Fleet Captain/Commanding Officer


As Commanding Officer, Dave leads the Command Staff and the crew. He is involved with planning activities and performing community service and is editor of our award-winning newsletter, Angels Flight. He also edits copy for our website.

Jeremy Kranz

Commander/First Officer/Recruitment/Activities


Jeremy is the First Officer and works with the Commanding Officer to lead the Angeles. He helps to plan club activities and recruits members. His efforts have varied from designing our business cards to welcoming new members by emailing them our handbook. He also contributes stories and photos to Angels Flight, and he has hosted many Angeles parties. Jeremy also coordinates participation in our chat list.

Jennifer Cole

Admiral/Second Officer/Membership


Jennifer, a longtime club member, is a former commanding officer. As Second Officer, she serves as membership director and oversees financial aspects of the club. She also coordinates domain control of the club’s website, has been involved in planning activities and has contributed photos and stories to Angels Flight.

Janice Willcocks

Rear Admiral/Founder/Command Staff


Janice started the USS Angeles in 1995. As the club’s first commanding officer, she led the Angeles as it grew into a large organization that visits “Star Trek” filming sites, performs community service, gathers for parties and participates in conventions. Since 1995, she has hosted countless Angeles parties and contributed photos and stories to Angels Flight. She later served as first officer. Today she continues to contribute ideas and provide guidance as a member of the Command Staff.

Gloria Rodriguez

Captain/Command Staff


Gloria has served as first officer and contributed to the club as a longtime member of both the crew and the Command Staff. She has hosted Angeles parties and has been involved with community service. She also has designed Angeles business cards, our awards certificates and certificates of promotion. She is involved with planning activities and has contributed photos and stories to our newsletter, Angels Flight.

Christopher Mulrooney

Commander/Chief of Website engineering


Chris designs and oversees the website, which keeps everyone informed of the USS Angeles’ activities. He also oversees content for social media such as X, formerly known as Twitter, and Instagram. He has contributed photos and stories to Angels Flight.

Lisa Sobien

Lieutenant (junior grade) /Assistant Chief of Communications


Lisa, the assistant chief of communications, is one of the associate editors of Angels Flight, our award-winning newsletter. She also has edited copy on our website, contributed photos and stories to Angels Flight, and assisted with planning activities.