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Enlist and Join the Crew of the USS Angeles

By Com Christopher Mulrooney

We have made it even easier for you to join and become a member of the crew of the USS Angeles; the Los Angeles and Southern California Star Fleet International Star Trek fan club ( You can easily join by clicking on our menu button Join the Crew and join us on our in person and online Zoom gatherings.

There is a club membership fee, cash or check is $12 per year, but the online membership fee is $13 per year (the extra $1 is for our transaction fees).

When you sign up as a member you automatically become a Crewman rank as a member of the crew. When you become a member you get access to our email chat-list with other members of the club, membership handbook, welcome guide, and our award winning Angel’s Flight Newsletter.

Also, you can join Starfleet International Fan Club as well at With Starfleet International membership you can do classes and become a Starfleet officer. Start your rank as an Ensign and work your way up to Lt. Commander just by graduating the academy course. Later, you can do the college command test and work up to Commander and on to Captain.

Though rank isn’t really an issue. It’s all in fun!

Chief of Website Engineering

Christopher Mulrooney Commander Chief Web-Engineering USS ANGELES NCC-71840

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