2LT Kirk reporting for duty?

By, Commander Christopher Mulrooney, USS Angeles Chief Webengineer.

Meet Second Lieutenant Kirk.

Yes, that’s his name, and the newly commissioner officer is with the U.S. Space Force. Could his first name be James?

The photo here was taken by my friend Simone Lara of the California Army National Guard public affairs office. It has gone viral with the caption:

“if this guy doesn’t make captain, it’s a injustice of all the U.S. Military.”

This isn’t the first time we met a Kirk in the service.S

A number of years ago I spoke with a newly promoted U.S. Navy Capt. James Adam Kirk (James A. Kirk). He became the commanding officer the USS-Zumwalt, the first of its own class of Zumwalt destroyer Class DD-1000  (Update He is now Rear Admiral Kirk and retired from the United States Navy in 2023. His website Bio U.S. Navy

Before I moved to Los Angeles and was still a member of the Arizona Army National Guard, I went to an air show and met an Apache attack helicopter pilot , Major Picard. 

Major Picard said he’s a Trekkie, so he loves his name.

He went to the Star Trek Experience in Las Vegas, where he went on a ride and had fun with the cast members on the Enterprise-D bridge. When they asked, “Is one of you a descendant of Capt. Jean-Luc Picard,” the real-life Major Picard raised his hand and showed his military ID. They saw his last name was, in fact, Picard.

So the cast had him sit in the captain’s chair for moment before leading everyone to the shuttle.

As Capt. or Major Picard would say, “Make it so!”

Keep on trekking, my friends.

Chief of Website Engineering

Christopher Mulrooney Commander Chief Web-Engineering USS ANGELES NCC-71840

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