Data action figure almost life-like

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January 19, 2024 | By: Jeff Bond 18 comments so far

Star Trek: The Next Generation Lt. Commander Data 1/6 Figure

Manufacturer: EXO-6
Price: $190 ($230 with additional accessories)
Grade: A+

Our favorite android

Just as Leonard Nimoy’s Spock became the face of the original Star Trek, Brent Spiner’s android Data encapsulated the appeal of 1987’s syndicated sequel series Star Trek: The Next Generation. Conceived as a kind of hybrid of Spock and the android Questor from Gene Roddenberry’s failed pilot The Questor Tapes, Data was a more innocent figure than the sophisticated and often sarcastic Spock, so much so that when the show’s writers attempted to recreate the pointed banter of the original series’ Spock and Bones McCoy with Diana Muldaur’s second season physician Dr. Katherine Pulaski, the dialogue came off as cruel and fans rebelled. Read More on

Chief of Website Engineering

Christopher Mulrooney Commander Chief Web-Engineering USS ANGELES NCC-71840

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