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USS Angeles beams down to California Science Center

By Fleet Capt. Dave Mason

(UPDATED ON FEB. 16) LOS ANGELES — The space shuttle Endeavour is ready to take off.

A booster rocket and a fuel tank were seen standing in their launchpad configuration, and the space shuttle will be positioned vertically with them. Then a building will be constructed around the final configuration of the shuttle, fuel tank and two booster rockets at the California Science Center.

USS Angeles members Jeremy Kranz, Lisa Sobien, Janice Sobien and I went past the boosters and fuel tank during the club’s Jan. 14 mission to the Los Angeles attraction.

On Jan. 30, Endeavour was hoisted to stand with the fuel tank and boosters.

During the Jan. 14 mission, Angeles members saw Mercury-Redstone, Apollo and Gemini capsules, filmed images of nature and an exhibit on fire safety. In addition, Jeremy and I took a trip to low Earth orbit in a space shuttle simulator.

Later, Jeremy and I voyaged even farther into space when we saw the IMAX film “Deep Sky.” Narrated by movie star Michelle Williams, the movie showed images captured by the James Webb Space Telescope. The scenes varied from interstellar nurseries, where stars are born, to a screen full of points of lights that weren’t merely stars.

Each point of light was a galaxy.

For more about the California Science Center away mission, see the next edition of Angels Flight, the USS Angeles’ award-winning newsletter. The issue will be emailed to all USS Angeles members in March. To become a member, click on “Join the Crew!”

USS Angeles First Officer Jeremy Kranz stands next to the Mercury-Redstone capsule that carried Ham, a chimpanzee, into space.. Angeles members saw Mercury, Gemini and Apollo capsules during our Jan. 14 visit to the California Science Center in Los Angeles. (Photo by Dave Mason/USS Angeles/Angels Flight)
A booster rocket and the larger, fuel tank stand together in their launchpad configuration. The space shuttle Endeavour will join them, then the California Science Center will build a new building around the final configuration of shuttle, fuel tank and two booster rockets. (Photo by Dave Mason/USS Angeles/Angels Flight)
Janice Sobien and Commanding Officer Dave Mason gaze in wonder at a wall-size screen projecting the same filmed images of nature as the wall behind them. The imagery is among the attractions at the California Science Center. (Photo by Lisa Sobien/USS Angeles/Angels Flight)
Janice Sobien, left, watches while Lisa Sobien, the USS Angeles assistant chief of communications, encounters a “fire emergency” in the kitchen at a California Science Center exhibit. A mock-up of a home stressed safety in all parts of the home. (Photo by Dave Mason/USS Angeles/Angels Flight)

Dave Mason

Commanding officer of the USS-Angeles Rank Fleet Captain

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