Prepare to engage in more Star Trek this year

Star Trek Discovery season 4 mid season to resume soon we have more Star Trek on the way after that with March 5 Star Trek Picard Season 2 and Star Trek Strange new worlds.

more official announcement: Click here for Official Announcement

Star Trek Discovery 4th Season is underway and will resume Thursday Feb. 10th and resume to Mar. 17 for Season 4 Finally. (Recent update Star Trek Discovery will receive a renewal for a 5th Season)

Star Trek Picard Season 2 premiers Thursday, Mar. 3. Will continue for 10 episodes for the season a new one each Thursday.

Star Trek Strange New Worlds Launches on Thursday, May 5. Join the Crew of the USS-Enterprise under the command of Captain Christopher Pike of the Early voyages of the USS-Enterprise before the Original Series before James T. Kirk

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