Standing with Ukraine

By Cmdr. Christopher Mulrooney

Chief of Web Engineering.

Horrible time for the country of Ukraine for their citizens due to the invading of Russian forces. We are joining in support for the brave men and women defending their country. In solidarity we have changed our background of our website to the colors of the Ukraine Flag. Blue stands for the clear blue skies and Yellow for the Golden wheat that they are known as the breadbasket of Europe. Russia invaded after standing up an army of over 190,000 troops in Belarus and Russia boarders of Ukraine on February 24th, 2022, and since then Ukrainian citizens and soldiers are putting up fierce resistant against the much stronger Russian forces. Every day citizens are taking up arms against invading Russian forces.

In the connection with Star Trek, it reminds me of the Cardassians’ Occupation of Bajor that we hear about in Star Trek: The Next Generation and more in detail in Star Trek Deep Space Nine. The Planet of Bajor had to fight off the Cardassians who invaded and took over the planet of Bajor for over 50 years and the Bajorians way of life were upended when the Cardassians invaded they had to resist and rebel against occupying Cardassians forces. After the 50 years the Bajorian Militia Major became the First Officer to Commander Sisko who was assigned by the Star Fleet and Federation to take command of the former Cardassians Station orbiting the planet of Bajor known as Terok Nor changed to the name of Deep Space Nine.

Chief of Website Engineering

Christopher Mulrooney Commander Chief Web-Engineering USS ANGELES NCC-71840

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