Historic ships of the line precede USS Angeles

By Cmdr. Christopher Mulrooney

“You broke your little ships.” (From “Star Trek: First Contact”)

The USS Enterprise is part of a history of ships that bare its name. The USS Angeles enjoys the same tradition with its name — with a slight difference.

The vessels were the USS Los Angeles.

And they have a proud history that stretches from the depths of the ocean to the wonders of the sky.

The first USS Los Angeles

The first USS Los Angeles (ID-1470) was a tanker that served in the United States Navy from 1917 to 1919.

Name:USS Los Angeles
Namesake:Previous name retained
Builder:Union Iron WorksSan FranciscoCalifornia
Commissioned:9 August 1917
Decommissioned:17 January 1919
Fate:Returned to owner 17 January 1919
Notes:Operated commercially as SS Los Angeles 1916-1917 and 1919-1941 and as SS Toteco 1941-1966Scrapped 1966

The second USS Los Angeles flew over the ocean as a blimp. USS Los Angeles ZR3 was a replacement for zeppelins.

The second USS Los Angeles
ManufacturerLuftschiffbau ZeppelinFriedrichshafen
Construction numberLZ-126
ManufacturedJuly 1922 (Commenced)
August 1924 (Launched)
In service25 November 1924 (Commissioned)
30 June 1932 (Decommissioned)
24 October 1939 (Struck from Naval Register)
FateBroken up for scrap in 1939
General characteristics (as built)
Class and type:Los Angeles class rigid airship
Displacement:2,764,460 cu ft (78,280.8 m3)
Length:658 ft 4 in (200.7 m)
Beam:90 ft 8 in (27.6 m) (hull diameter)
Draft:104 ft 5 in (31.8 m) (height)
Installed power:400hp per engine
Propulsion:Five Maybach VL I 12-cyl water-cooled V-12 enginesTwo-bladed fixed-pitch, rotable wooden propellers
Speed:48 knots (89 km/h; 55 mph) (cruising)65 knots (120 km/h; 75 mph) (maximum)
Range:5,770 nmi (10,690 km; 6,640 mi) at 10 knots (19 km/h; 12 mph)

The third USS Los Angeles was back on the water.

The third USS Los Angeles
Name:Los Angeles
Namesake:City of Los Angeles, California
Builder:Philadelphia Navy YardPhiladelphia
Laid down:28 July 1943
Launched:20 August 1944
Commissioned:22 July 1945
Decommissioned:9 April 1948
Recommissioned:27 January 1951
Decommissioned:15 November 1963
Struck:1 January 1974
Identification:Hull symbol: CA-135
Motto:Non Sibi Sed Patriae(“Not for self, but for country”)
Honors and
battle stars (Korea)
Fate:Sold for scrap to Terminal Island’s National Metal and Steel Corp. on 16 MAY 1975 for $1,036,089
General characteristics
Class and type:Baltimore-class heavy cruiser
Displacement:13,600 long tons (13,818 t)
Length:674 ft 11 in (205.71 m)
Beam:70 ft 10 in (21.59 m)
Draft:20 ft 6 in (6.25 m)
Speed:33 knots (61 km/h; 38 mph)
Complement:1,142 officers and enlisted
Armament:9 × 8″/55 caliber guns (3×3)12 × 5″/38 caliber guns (6×2)48 × Bofors 40 mm guns (12×4)28 × single Oerlikon 20 mm cannons
Aircraft carried:Curtiss SC-1 Seahawk floatplane
Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument
Official nameUSS Los Angeles Naval Monument (John S. Gibson Jr. Park)
Designated3 May 1978
Reference no.188

Last but not least is an entire new class of submarines, which are still in service for the United States Navy: the Los Angeles attack submarine class. The lead vessel was the USS Los Angeles SSN 688, which was in service from 1972 to 2010.

Name:USS Los Angeles
Namesake:City of Los Angeles
Awarded:8 January 1971[1]
Builder:Newport News Shipbuilding
Laid down:8 January 1972[1]
Launched:6 April 1974[1]
Commissioned:13 November 1976[1]
Decommissioned:4 February 2011[1]
Out of service:1 February 2010[1]
Struck:4 February 2011[1]
Homeport:Pearl Harbor
Fate:Disposed of by Recycling[1]
General characteristics
Class and type:Los Angeles-class submarine
Displacement:5,700 tons light6,072 tons full1,372 tons dead
Length:110.3 m (361 ft 11 in)
Beam:10 m (32 ft 10 in)
Draft:9.4 m (30 ft 10 in)
Propulsion:S6G nuclear reactor2 turbines35,000 hp (26 MW)1 auxiliary motor 325 hp (242 kW)1 shaft
Speed:25 knots (46 km/h) surfaced30 knots (56 km/h) submerged (actual top speed classified)
Test depth:290 m (950 ft)
Complement:13 Officers; 121 Enlisted
Armament:4 × 21 in (533 mm) bow tubesMark 48 torpedoHarpoon missileTomahawk cruise missile

We in the “Star Trek” fan realm continue the name with the USS Angeles NCC-71840, which is part of the Entente class (a refitted Galaxy Dreadnought class). Engage!

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