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USS Angeles goes on escape room adventure

The USS Angeles beams down to Escapology for the “Star Trek : Quantum Filament” escape room.

By Fleet Capt. Dave Mason

We almost saved the USS Discovery.

But we only had an hour to repair the Federation starship. If we had just a few more minutes, we may have completed our escape room mission Feb. 10 in Northridge.

Christopher Mulrooney, Lisa Sobien and I visited the Escapology facility at the Northridge Fashion Center. There, we entered a turbolift after Discovery was severely damaged. It was up to us to figure out the puzzles to open the turbolift and get onto the bridge. We did that, then realized we needed to connect cables, turn knobs and figure out codes to repair the ship. As we completed various stages, boxes and drawers opened with more props to help us.

For our first time, we did well. An Escapology employee said we were just a couple steps from completion when our hour was up.

We plan to come back and save the Discovery!

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