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USS Angeles heads to deep space

This is among the images captured by the James Webb Space Telescope. The USS Angeles will learn more about the telescope when members watch “Deep Sky” Sunday at the California Science Center. (Image courtesy NASA)

By Fleet Capt. Dave Mason, Commanding Officer

The USS Angeles will head to deep space when it views the IMAX film “Deep Sky” Sunday at the California Science Center in Los Angeles.

We’ll meet at noon for lunch at the food court at the center. 700 Exposition Drive. At 1 p.m., we’ll watch the movie, narrated by movie star Michelle Williams and directed by Nathaniel Kahn.

Those who arrive early can join First Officer Jeremy Kranz and me at 10 a.m. for a simulator shuttle ride. Hang on tight!

Parking is $15. Admission to the center is free, but the IMAX movie costs $9.79 for adults, $8.79 for seniors and students, and $7.59 for children. To purchase, go to

For more about USS Angeles activities, see this website’s events section.

Dave Mason

Commanding officer of the USS-Angeles Rank Fleet Captain

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