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Doug Drexler is Special Guest at USS Angeles’ Zoom Away Mission

By Cmdr. Christopher Mulrooney

Star Trek Alum Doug Drexler will be beaming aboard the USS Angeles for a Zoom Away Mission this Friday May 29th at 1PM. He will join us for about a hour to one and a half hours. The Zoom chat can last longer if the crew wants to enjoy some post Doug Drexler conversations.

The live Zoom mission is open to USS Angeles members only. If you are interested in joining the USS Angeles, check out our Join US Page.

Doug Drexler also worked some background on Star Trek Enterprise.

Doug Drexler worked on “Star Trek” from “The Next Generation” through “Enterprise.” He is currently working on the hit show “Orville,” which was formerly on Fox and has now been picked up by Hulu for Season 3.

Doug Drexler with the Orville Filming model

We are working on securing other special guests and future surprise guests for upcoming Zoom Away Missions. Doug Drexler has the honor of being our first Zoom chat special guest. Let’s make him feel welcomed, as we always strive for at all our gatherings.

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