United with Trek Star Trek Day in support of WGA & SAG/AFTRA

By Commander Chirstopher Mulrooney

We support and promote Star Trek with our Star Trek Club USS Angeles, but we wouldn’t have Star Trek without the talent of writers and the actors. So United with Trek on Star Trek Day started at 10am at Paramount Studios on September 8th 2023 on the 57th Anniversary when Star Trek First came on the air in 1966. As you might be aware I’ve done some background work in various shows through the years as well as taken part in a Star Trek Fan movie Star Trek Renegades a number of years ago I signed up and enlisted to assist on part with SAG/AFTRA I am non-union but eligible to join. While taking part in the picket at Paramount Studios front gate and Bronson Gate area I made sure to capture some through video and photos and any of the Trek Cast I see I asked hey quick selfie they agreed which most remember me through various of conventions and events I have attended in the past so it was a reunion of shorts. I stayed for over a hour, because needed to get home because working the Night Shift need some rest. Down below is a gallery of images from the event as well as a Video from our New Youtube channel for the USS-Angeles.

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