‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’ announces 5th season to be its last

As announced on Startrek.com

Star Trek: Lower Decks will conclude later this fall with its fifth and final season.

Series creator Mike McMahan and Executive Producer Alex Kurtzman confirm the news in a touching tribute to the series and its fans:

To the fans,

We wanted to let you know that this fall will be the fifth and final season of Star Trek: Lower Decks. While five seasons of any series these days seems like a miracle, it’s no exaggeration to say that every second we’ve spent making this show has been a dream come true. Our incredible cast, crew and artists have given you everything they have because they love the characters they play, they love the world we’ve built, and more than anything we all love, love, love Star Trek. We’re excited for the world to see our hilarious fifth season, which we’re working on right now, and the good news is that all previous episodes will remain on Paramount+ so there is still so much to look forward to as we celebrate the Cerritos crew with a big send-off.

Finally, thank you for always being so creative and joyful, for filling convention halls and chanting
‘LOWER DECKS!” We remain hopeful that even beyond Season 5, Mariner, Boimler, Tendi, Rutherford and the whole Cerritos crew will live on with new adventures.

Mike McMahan and Alex Kurtzman

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